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JT Fitness and Golf will help you reach your fitness goals.  Whether that is to lose weight or to improve your golf game. You are exactly where you need to be!

Take your time back! Workout from home with fast and effective online, individually designed, convenient workouts. Now you can find YOUR best self. Whether you are looking to improve your golf game or lose weight, these workouts are for you! Learn easy-to-use strategies for ultimate health and fitness.

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90 Day “Boost Your Body” Challenge

Are you tired of struggling with your weight?  Many times people over look the power of strength training.  Weight training gives you the “toned” look that most are looking for.  The best part is you can have fast and effective workouts done in 20-30 minutes, saving you time.  

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Golf fitness

We all want to play golf into our 80’s and 90’s.  Strength training will be one of the greatest pieces you can have in your workout routine. As an avid golfer, I have created workouts specific to golf.  You will LOVE these!

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VIP Training

For those of you who want individualized workouts, daily check-ins, and a much more personalized touch, then the VIP training is for you.  

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What’s Online Personal Training

Imagine, you now have more energy, feel great in your clothes, sleep better, have greater strength, and feel toned and trim. Golfers, you have greater strength and flexibility so you hit the ball farther and you’ve reduced your risk for injury.

These strength training workouts are designed specifically for golf or for weight loss and can be done “at home” or at the gym with minimal equipment needed. The workouts are fast and effective which saves you time. You also have the luxury of working out on your schedule, yet your trainer is always in your pocket.

Janis is always there for you to help keep you accountable and successful. A premium workout app is used which provides “how-to” videos with each exercise within each workout.
You receive weekly and monthly check-in messages and coaching calls with Janis to make sure you are on track with your fitness journey.

Janis’ approach is very simple and is a no-nonsense way to healthy eating, exercise, and mindset. If you are highly motivated to improve your golf game and your health, connect with Janis.
Everybody is busy these days so keeping everything as easy and quick as possible is what makes these programs GREAT.

What My Clients Say

“Thanks to Janis of JT Fitness and Golf for helping me get back on track! I just turned 50 and am working my way back to my “old”, healthier me. I have been with Janis for over a year.
I have a job that either requires a lot of sitting at a desk or traveling – neither of which do you any favors. Janis was able to put together a program to fit in with my travel schedule, incorporate things I like to do and use the equipment that I might have on hand. She also was able to show me modifications that I could do to address my aging knees. The really neat part about this is that we are a thousand miles apart and I can do a workout remotely by use of a training app. Using the ap, the workouts are at my fingertip. Janis is also there to keep me accountable and track my progress. She is always able to answer my questions or come up with an alternative plan when I run into a roadblock. Thanks to Janis for helping me get back on track!”

Caryl Beal

I have been a client of Janis Thornton for the last year and she has been amazing. Janis takes the time to get to know you on a personal level, your goals and your motivation. Then she takes the time to find things to help you achieve your goals and is a great support system. She keeps the work outs fun, diverse and interesting. It’s nice to work a couple of body parts at the same time to get the results you want in a minimum amount of time. Sh has helped me understand how to eat better, what things I’m doing to sabotage my efforts and motivation to keep plugging along during the plateaus. If you want a person who is focused on you and your goals, Janis is the personal trainer for you.

Heidi Davis

Janis is super knowledgeable and supportive with a great system that allows you to workout from home with an easy system and get ongoing compassionate support. She a cheerleader of business in so many ways and I am glad that we met! She truly helped me.

Penny Kidd

“I used to have a personal trainer that I would see three times a week. When I thought I could do it on my own, I found out I would aimlessly walk around the gym trying to remember what I used to do. With JT Fitness and Golf I didn’t have to worry about that any more. I had my workouts right in front of me all the time and they were easy to follow. She was always willing to adjust the intensity if I needed it. If you want a workout that is customized to fit your needs and your schedule, I highly recommend Body Transformation by Janis. ”

Suzanne Soderberg

“In just 6 sessions of doing workouts from JT Fitness and Golf, I can tell the difference. I feel stronger, have more energy, and more inner confidence. My balance for dancing has improved. Having someone to be accountable to has made the difference between doing workouts and NOT. I am excited to see visible results too. I know I will at this rate. Thanks Janis for helping me persist through my resistance to try new ways for working out.”

Shelley Nash

“As a mom of 3 with a busy schedule going to the gym became a real challenge. When I did go I would always do the same workout. Total Body Transformation by Janis was the perfect solution. I got to do the workouts at home saving me time and it was personalized so I wasn’t stuck in my normal workout routine. It was so nice to ask her questions and discuss my results as well as my challenges. Her programs give you the personal training we all need without the inconvenience of going to the gym. I highly recommended Janis and JT Fitness and Golf.”

Emily Marney

Janis is an AWESOME online virtual trainer!
I signed up for her 90 day program and it was great. Her videos are easy to follow, and the instructions were clear and concise. It was such an easy to use program! I was able to quickly move through the circuit either before work or after work, which was a nice luxury vs. going to the gym! If you think you’ll go through a virtual program with no accountability… think again!!! Janis is on top of it!!! She is truly by your side every step of the way with texts to provide you support and encouragement!!! You are never left alone!!! Janis is there every step of the way!
I highly recommend Janis’ program to anyone looking for results in an easy to use virtual training program. Janis is the best at what she does!! Highly recommend!!!

Danyelle Gibson Grant

“I love having workouts created for me and at the same time, I can do the workouts when it is convenient for me. I don’t have a lot of time each day and these workouts are perfect. I love that each exercise has a video so I can be reminded of how to do them. I love the personal training at my fingertips.”

Yvonne Whitefield

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